“Dr. Schumann was an excellent teacher and mentor to my teenage son. Through her teaching, my son was able to improve his skills tremendously in a short period of time. He now loves to play the piano because of her. She is friendly, cooperative, patient, and one of a kind! We are so thankful to have taken lessons from her.”

“Our nine year old son studied with Sonya for two years. She turned out to be the perfect match for him. She was always very friendly, full of humor and generous. Not only did he learn a lot, but Sonya also provided inspiration and instilled in him a sense of real joy for the music, which made him look forward to each lesson. As Felix puts it: ‘Best teacher ever!'”

“My daughter was hesitant about starting piano and studied with Sonya Schumann for a year. By the end of the year, not only had my daughter received a strong foundation in piano, but she had development a real love for piano. Sonya has a true gift for combining technical excellence with fun and joy. Sonya has a wonderful way of  communicating with children and teaching children. We’re so grateful that our daughter had the opportunity to study with Sonya.”

“Dr Sonya was the best teacher we could have imagined for our seven year old! She knew just how to bring out the best in him, matching unfailing good humor and gentleness with real pedagogical chops and, of course, mastery of the instrument. He grew so much, as a pianist and a student of the world, in his time with her. Palden loved her so much that he composed his first piece at their last lesson before she moved to California–a goodbye piece in her honor!”