All age groups are welcomed.

Dr. Schumann offers lessons that have individualized plans based on each student’s unique goals and interests. Come study music in her private studio: a beautiful 7-foot grand piano, with access to her personal library of books, music supplies, and iPad music apps. Dr. Schumann has over 15 years of teaching experience, and has been an active member of the musical community since childhood. She is a RCCP teacher and an active NCTM member of the Music Teachers National Association.

Private lessons include music theory, historical perspectives, ear-training, and technique to develop facility. Regular recital and performance opportunities will provide short-term goals, a sense of community, and new experiences. Positive performance opportunities heighten self-esteem and fortify concentration in all public presentations.

The Schumann Piano Studio is open for students through the Community Music School of San Diego State University, and is currently located in San Diego, CA. For more information such as rates, open classes and availability, or to schedule a free introductory consultation, please contact schumann.sonya@gmail.com.